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Barefoot Forest Queen to Athletic Boss Babe \ Oakville | Hamilton | Toronto | Ontario - Boudoir

Rachelle is an old public school/high school friend of mine that travelled from our home town of Kingston, Ontario(three hour drive!) to have this session with me! Her boyfriend, who she was doing part of this session for, lives in St. Catherine's, so with my new home being in Oakville, it was on her way when she was travelling to visit him. This was one of my very first photo sessions after I moved up to Oakville. Rachelle's presence was very comforting and familiar, even though we had not seen each other in years. This shoot was a two part creation that took place in July of 2016.

Part One: Rachelle is a very down to earth girl and is always planning getaways and adventures deep into nature, all over the world. I felt that a nature based, on location outdoor Boudoir session best suited Rachelle's personality and love for life.

Part Two: Honoured her love and passion for her boyfriend and his interests. She was able to sneak away his beer league hockey jersey to use as a prop in our hockey locker room photoshoot! Wearing a simple grey sports bra with Converse shoes, Rachelle made her boyfriends jersey, a hockey stick and a 6 pack of cold beers look hella sexy!!! I speak for both of us when I say we had a BLAST creating both of these very different, but both equally super sexy photo sessions for her beau. And based on the feedback she relayed to me that she received, he was extremely pleased to receive the custom album she gave to him on his birthday!

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