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Comfy & Cosy Boudoir / Oakville | Hamilton | Toronto | Ontario - Portrait

This was not Steffani's first photo session, but it was one of her first boudoir sessions so we decided to keep things pretty casual by doing a split shoot. Half boudoir session/half environmental beauty portraits. Part One: Since never having done a boudoir shoot, Steffani didn't feel she had very many appealing options to bring to my studio so when she arrived we picked a few things from my studio Client Closet to come up with a comfy and casual outfit that still made her look and feel super sexy. A long cosy cardigan from Old Navy paired with a dusty blue triangle bralette from Urban Planet and worn ripped girlfriend jeans from GAP. I personally love this sexy/cosy-casual look!!!!

Part Two: Steffani loves being outside and being that this session took place last Fall of October 2017, we had the perfect variety of Mother Nature's colours. Going into my Client Closet for a second time, we decided on a pink floral floor length, chiffon summer dress with skinny shoulder straps from Urban Planet. At the time I did not have any other darker coloured dresses in my closet so this dress created it's own interesting contrast between itself and the darker fall foliage we found to use as a beautiful, natural backdrop. This backdrop of fall coloured vines and foliage was on the back of a Community Recreation Centre in Oakville. We drove around the neighbourhood for a little while before I could find the building I had remembered seeing it growing on! It worked out very well in our favour. All lighting in the studio and on location is natural.

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