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A cup of fashion at Arvo Coffee Co | Oakville | Hamilton | Toronto | Ontario | Portrait - Fashion

This was the first time I had ever met Robyn, aka Ro, and we hit things off very well. We ordered two cups of London Fog lattes and made ourselves comfortable in Arvo cafe's long and narrow reading nook where we discussed art and life for about an hour, if not more. Ro is a chocolatier, a body painter, an ice sculptor and possess many other hidden talents. We laughed and bonded over the creative entrepreneur lifestyle while deciding which outfit Ro should wear for a mini photo session, at that moment. I brought a burnt "sienna" orange polyester, peplum skirt that fell around her knees. We paired this skirt with her faux fur/leather jacket with a pair of oxford-style lace-up heels and a black and white striped long sleeve tee from H&M. At this time Ro had blue-green-teal coloured hair which made for a great contrast with the orange skirt! Thank you Arvo Coffee for your lovely hospitality and for letting us shoot quietly in your adorable read nook.

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