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The time I went to Boudoir Camp; Pt 1/ Ontario | Hamilton | Toronto | Oakville - Boudoir

Two summers ago, I went to Boudoir Camp for Adults; For Photographers, Artists & Models It was hosted by Camp Do More in the Halliburton area at a huge kids camp. Though my experience was great, I will say that sleeping in a bunk bed that is literally the full length of me (just barely over 5 feet) is not very comfortable at the age of 28. Not to mention there was not a single inch to move or get comfortable, or sit up for that matter. I could have slept on the top bunk but I didn't want to climb down a ladder at night to go pee... I also got attacked my a billion mosquitoes during the night and woke up with a goose egg of a bite on my forehead. Just in time for me to attend my first class with the incredibly talented, Teri Hofford from the West region of Canada. Teri focuses her Boudoir business around body positivity and inclusivity. Her camp class was a focus on posing plus size bodies. I have struggled in this area being that I am a small woman. I sometimes doubt myself when it comes to my ability to pose bigger women but Teri's class really helped me see there are no "small or big" body poses, just poses that flatter some more than others. And most of the time, with patience and the right adjustments, all poses can work! And within those poses you want to be moving and getting comfortable anyways, none of this stand still and hold your breath crap. Here are some photos from class. My images as well as some behind the scenes of others shooting and Teri teaching. There were two very different sets and lighting techniques taught with two beautiful models.

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