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Why choose TG Photo for your Boudoir Photo Experience...

First of all, you may be wondering what is "Boudoir Photography"? Boudoir Photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects within a boudoir(change room/bedroom) or boudoir-style setting,* primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. (*But sometimes my clients and I like to plan sessions outside when the weather is fair!)

Who do I believe Boudoir is for? I believe Boudoir is for every woman/human because all bodies are beautiful.

Who are TG Photo sessions for? My service caters directly to women/humans who want to have sensual photos of themselves taken for varied purposes. The vast majority of my boudoir clients have never been in front of a camera in lingerie, underwear, or totally nude. But that's ok because you can rely on me to guide you through all of your poses and give you a break down before your shoot of what is going to be expected of you on your shoot day. As well as what you can expect from me.

Why book a Boudoir session?

You are worthy of material proof that serves as a daily reminder of how creative, powerful, and beautiful you are. You only live once and our bodies will never look this way again. Do it for the preservation of all the steps in your life. Good and bad.

Why choose TG Photo for your Boudoir Photo Experience???

My approach is modern and I appreciate timeless photographs We can collaborate to build your vision for your Boudoir experience. Or you can leave it up to me to create a unique experience, personalized just for you. Whether your sensuality is best captured posing under a waterfall, or wearing your boyfriends hockey , or channeling one of your favourite celebrities Boudoir shoots, together you and I can make anything happen!

I provide support 100% of the way

Communication is key. I will coach you through every step of the session. Emotionally and physically! Not understanding my direction? Thats ok, I will do the pose and show you what Im asking of you.

You will feel empowered More than once my clients have messaged me shortly after their session to tell me how beautiful, empowered, and emotionally strong they feel how much Ive boosted their confidence. And I will continue to get messages for weeks after their photo reveals telling me that I have completely changed how they view themselves. And I freakin' love it! I believe in empowering women, encouraging women, and supporting women. Women are f*cking bad-ass goddesses who rule the world!

Professional Image Retouching From years of retouching experience, I have the skills to remove discoloured facial blemishes, acne, dry/oily skin, fly away hairs, dark circles, unwanted scars, wrinkles or whiten teeth all while leaving your natural features natural but enhanced. Ex. brighter eyes and softer looking skin.

Because you deserve it! And I want to do this for you! I want to help you feel beautiful, or help you creatively display the magnetism youve already nurtured and harnessed. That is the best part about my job, and why I absolutely love what I do. I love helping women to love what they see in the mirror. But the truth is, this doesn't happen over night. You can not undo 25+ years of "bad" thinking in one day. But it's a beautiful start.

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